Hydroseeding Solutions

Our system can be used for a variety of applications depending on your requirements.

Our hydroseeding system is perfect for...

Domestic and Commercial Property Developers

Hydroseeding is a great option for lawns. It's an efficient and cost-effective way to establish a lush, green lawn.


Provide a fast, efficient solution for your clients


Get the lawn of your dreams at a fraction of the price

Golf Courses and Sports Pitches

Hydroseeding is faster and more efficient than laying turf, which helps golf courses get ready for play more quickly.

Road & Rail Construction

Embankments and Verges

Erosion Control & Prevention

Quickly and efficiently establish vegetation that will protect soil from erosion.

Public Open Spaces

Seed or repair parks and public spaces

Ecologists & Environmental Consultants

Establish vegetation on disturbed or damaged land.

Equine Pasture Management

We supply specialist equine seed mixes perfect for grazing

Country Parks and Estates

Cover a large area in a short time without affecting the surrounding environment

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

A much cheaper solution than turfing after pump installation

We use the best equipment and materials.

Our seeders are manufactured by Finn and imported from the USA.

Profile’s products are respected as leaders in the industry. They provide superior soil contact and application consistency with best loading capacity available.

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