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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How long does it take for the grass to grow?

If properly irrigated, you will usually see seedlings within 4-6 days and around 3 inches of grass growth in 3-4 weeks when it will be ready to mow.

How long does it take to apply the seed?

Our smallest machine, the Finn T30, holds just over 1000 litres of water and takes around 10 minutes to discharge.

This will cover up to 200 square metres of soil depending on the type of ground and mulch selected.

Is there a maximum gradient for the system?

We use a variety of products to handle all sorts of gradients. Steeper slopes will require a special thicker mixture.

We can hydroseed over wire mesh used to stabalise any slopes prior to our visit.

Does the system work with poor quality soil?

If you’re concerned that you may have highly acidic or alkaline soil, we will take a soil sample and carry out analysis before starting the project.

We can then treat the soil or recommend a course of action to a landscaper or gardener.

What effect will the weather have on germination and growth?

Seed should always be lightly irrigated to keep damp.

In very hot weather conditions, seed won’t germinate without some irrigation.

What's the best time of year to hydroseed?

Seeding works best when the ground temperature is greater than 5 degrees centigrade. This is usually the case from March until October.

We can also seed during the colder months but the seed won’t germinate until the ground warms up. Seeding in winter may result in up to 20% loss of seed due to ground frost.

We recommend a hardy seed mix at lower temperatures.

What size ground area can you work with? Is there a minimum area?

We prefer to work on areas larger than 150 square metres.

We’re able to seed up to 2000 square metres+ per day.


Can you prepare the ground for me?

We concentrate on seeding rather than ground preparation but can usually recommend a local landscaper to prepare the ground for you.

How should the ground be prepared?
  • Remove all rocks, sticks or other debris from the surface area.
  • For a high grade finish, remove all weeds from the soil and till the soil lightly if the ground is compacted. This isn’t required for all applications but can improve the result.
  • If you wish, you can also add topsoil for a high grade finish.
  • We can offer products that work well on harder soil.
What access is required?

We need to be able to get our equipment within 15 metres of the area to be seeded. The seeder is usually pulled by pick up truck on a trailer.

Do you need water?

Depending on the location and water facilities available on site, we will either:

  • Use a stand pipe to fill the seeder from a hydrant located close to the site.
  • Fill the tank from an outside tap (depending on pressure).
  • Supply IBC water containers in the days leading up to the project for you to fill in advance.
  • Use a pump with any local standing water to fill the tank (ponds, lakes, rivers)


Do I need to water the seed?

The seed should be kept damp at least until the grass establishes. You can use a sprinkler to do this.

Letting the seed completely dry out will delay its germination.

Hydroseeding requires less irrigation than turf to establish.

Can I walk on the mulch?

You can walk on the  mulch occasionally in order to move a sprinkler but keep it to a minimum to leave the seed to germinate and allow the grass to establish.

Please also keep your pets off the mulch until the grass has properly established.

When can I mow the lawn?

You can usually begin mowing around 3 weeks after the hydroseed application.

Stop watering a few days before the first mow.

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