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Erosion Control & Prevention

Quickly and efficiently establish vegetation that will protect soil from erosion.

Hydroseeding is a versatile erosion control technique that can be applied in a range of settings, such as agriculture, land development, coastal areas, river banks, and construction sites.

Its primary purpose is to prevent soil loss caused by environmental factors such as wind and rain.

Our system also prevents surface runoff, which can cause water pollution, soil loss, wildlife habitat loss, and damage to human property

We create a mixture of seed, mulch, tackifiers, and other soil conditioners which is sprayed onto the soil surface. The mixture then binds with the surface soil, holding moisture and providing protection against erosion.

We use a variety of mulch types depending on the customer requirement which allows us to seed on slopes and banks.

Why better than turf?

  • Our system is up to 75% cheaper than turf installed.
  • It requires less irrigation overall, making it better for the environment.
  • The seed is protected by the mulch in difficult conditions, keeping the soil moist while it germinates.
  • Introduction of lawn destroying pests such as leather jackets is prevented.
  • Grass establishes more uniformly than turf. Gaps between rolls are avoided and it sticks to slopes.
  • It’s 100% organic and biodegradable.
  • Our system is adaptable, allowing a variety of seeds to be used for a perfect finish.
  • Hydroseeding avoids sod heating which can happen quickly when turf is left to sit before laying.

Why better than conventional seeding?

  • Our system ensures even seed distribution resulting in uniform coverage.
  • Our mulch promotes faster germination time as the seed stays in constant contact with the moisture present in the mulch.
  • Our applications can be ready to mow as soon as 3-4 weeks.
  • Our system prevents erosion. When the mixture dries, a solid mat forms which prevents both the seed and mulch from being washed away. This is particularly useful on sloped areas.
  • Because we apply the fertiliser pre mixed with the seed, it eliminates the need to re-visit the project and apply it separately at a later date.
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