Hydroseeding Before Grass Growth Hydroseeding After Grass Growth

Commercial and Domestic Hydroseeding. Amazing Results!

Thick and uniform growth. Fast germination. Less watering. Better for the environment.
Our system protects seed in difficult conditions. Works on slopes, banks and uneven surfaces.
A fraction of the price of turf.

Cost Effective

Up to 75% cheaper than turf per m²

Thick Growth

Dense, beautiful grass from top quality seed

Less Watering

Requires less watering than turf overall

No Pests

No destructive pests introduced onto your lawn

Works on Slopes

Can be applied to steep slopes without rolling down

Controls Erosion

Our mulch protects the seed and prevents soil erosion straight after application


The mulch is broken down and decomposed by natural biological processes

Wildflower seeding

Perfect for providing low maintenance habitats for pollinators

Better Than Turf - Experts in hydroseeding and hydromulching in the UK

We use the best equipment and materials available to deliver stunning results.

Our Hydroseeding system uses water and a mulch carrier mixed with fertiliser which we apply with a seeding machine resulting in thick, uniform grass coverage across areas of all sizes.

The seed is applied in close contact with the ground, providing immediate stability of soil in sloped areas.

Our mix protects the seed to provide protection against heavy rainfall and extreme weather.

Why better than turf?

  • Our system is up to 75% cheaper than turf installed.
  • It requires less irrigation overall, making it better for the environment.
  • The seed is protected by the mulch in difficult conditions, keeping the soil moist while it germinates.
  • Introduction of lawn destroying pests such as leather jackets is prevented.
  • Grass establishes more uniformly than turf. Gaps between rolls are avoided and it sticks to slopes.
  • It’s 100% organic and biodegradable.
  • Our system is adaptable, allowing a variety of seeds to be used for a perfect finish.
  • Hydroseeding avoids sod heating which can happen quickly when turf is left to sit before laying.

Why better than conventional seeding?

  • Our system ensures even seed distribution resulting in uniform coverage.
  • Our mulch promotes faster germination time as the seed stays in constant contact with the moisture present in the mulch.
  • Our applications can be ready to mow as soon as 3-4 weeks.
  • Our system prevents erosion. When the mixture dries, a solid mat forms which prevents both the seed and mulch from being washed away. This is particularly useful on sloped areas.
  • Because we apply the fertiliser pre mixed with the seed, it eliminates the need to re-visit the project and apply it separately at a later date.
hydroseeding wildflowers

Wildflower seeding, erosion control and sports pitches.

We do more than just lawn grass.

Our seed mixtures can include most species of seed, including wildflower and shrub mixes or specialist grass seed mixtures perfect for sports fields and recreational areas.

We also supply seed and mulch mixes perfect for erosion control on uneven and sloped ground.

Our system provides cost effective and highly efficient method of establishing new vegetation in a variety of locations.

Andy EaglesAndy Eagles
10:45 10 Mar 23
Wished we’d used these guys sooner! We called BTT to renovate our lawn… we had it turfed a few years back and had a nightmare - the turf was infested with leather jackets and they completely destroyed the lawn every year. After a few of years the garden was basically mud so we used nematodes to sort out what remained of the leather jackets, then BTT did a full renovation. So impressed with the hydroseeding process - way less watering required than with seed and it germinated really quickly. The grass is now thick and healthy and we know we’ve not inadvertently filled the lawn with parasites! Everything was done really quickly and the guys were polite, professional and knowledgeable. Can’t recommend them enough 👍
Sylvia JonesSylvia Jones
18:24 23 Feb 23
Extremely happy with my new hydroseed lawn! Mark was very friendly, punctual and the quality of work is excellent. Quote was very reasonable too. Highly recommended.
Nick streetNick street
19:22 16 Feb 23
Really above and beyond service from these guys. Amazing results too.
Richard OlneyRichard Olney
17:30 04 Jan 23
Finn T30 Hydroseeding UK

We use the best equipment and materials

Our seeders are manufactured by Finn and imported from the USA.

Profile’s mulch and associated products are respected as leaders in the industry. They provide superior soil contact and application consistency with best loading capacity available.

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