Why hydroseed with wildflowers?

The science of improving the quality of the gardens and grounds we own or use has developed enormously over the last 50 years.

From the initial laying of poor quality, uneven, individual rectangles of turf, huge improvements have been made in the technological development of seeding due to hybridisation and production.

This has resulted in a wider range of growing areas, soil quality and climate tolerance and dependability of germination. 

However the technique of getting the seeds into the soil with the guarantee of high quality growth has perhaps changed the most: hydroseeding represents the most efficient and effective method of cultivating new grass areas, whether for residential, sports, recreational or municipal usage. But why only consider grass?  Why not opt for producing a more natural aesthetic by sowing wildflower areas?

There are several good reasons for developing wildflower verges, gardens, meadows and landscapes.  The protection and conservation of the environment has become embedded in our culture in the last couple of decades, whether through environmental assessments for new developments or simply through individual choice due to an elevated understanding of the need to do so and the advantages which can result.  

The ecological arguments are strong: the move away from monocultural landscapes which offer a limited range of habitats to wildlife, the need to restrict the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, and the rejection of manicured landscapes represent a turn to a more environmentally sustainable way of doing things, which encourages biodiversity at every level.

Re-wilding not just rural areas, but even those where possible in urban areas, has allowed the flourishing of a wider range of plants and the wildlife they support (insects, amphibians, small mammals, etc) and the cultivation of wildflower areas is a significant step in achieving this end. Many studies have affirmed the positive impact on bees, birds, soil quality and health and thus soil fauna that re-wilding with wildflowers can produce.

Aesthetically, wildflower areas add colour and brightness throughout the spring, summer and sometimes autumn seasons, breaking up the monotony of endless expanses of green and providing interest and enjoyment for everyone. Additionally they provide calming and relaxing surroundings for those in need of mental and emotional nourishment and balance: in a world which demands our attention relentlessly, a wildflower landscape offers an oasis of tranquility and refreshment.

Creating a natural and rewarding landscape, whether small or large, public or private, is quickly and easily achieved by hydroseeding with wildflowers.  Compact residential areas or extensive public grounds can be achieved in a matter of hours or days, rather than weeks or months, with the minimum amount of intervention or support from the client. A realistic, sustainable future-proofing of open areas offering climate resilience and positive environmental impacts is easily attained by hydroseeding with Better Than Turf.

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