The Rising Cost of Turf in the UK

Maintaining a stunning, lush lawn, sports field, or golf course is undoubtedly a pride and joy for many landscapers in the UK.

Unfortunately, the cost of turfing has skyrocketed in recent years, causing concern amongst those who wish to keep their landscapes or existing lawns green.

Why is turf becoming more expensive?

There are a couple of reasons why buying turf in the UK has become more expensive.

First, the production costs associated with growing and delivering rolls of turf have risen significantly over time due to an increase in energy prices.

Secondly, turf requires regular maintenance, whether in a national park or a small garden. Unfortunately, there’s been an increase in the price of fertilisers, which is an additional cost for turf owners but an essential component of producing high-quality lawn turf.

Additionally, labour costs, transport fees, and the demand for environmentally-friendly practices have contributed to the overall increase in the cost of laying turf.

In addition, there is also an increasing demand for premium quality turf, which has further driven up costs as this type of turf is grown under more stringent conditions and is a higher turf price.

Finally, as the weather in the UK becomes increasingly unpredictable due to climate change, it is becoming harder for farmers to successfully grow turf on a large scale. This can also contribute to rising prices.

Is this cost expected to fall? Unfortunately, the cost of turf in the UK is not expected to decline anytime soon.

The rising costs associated with producing high-quality turf, combined with an increasing demand for premium products, are likely to ensure that prices stay relatively high for some time.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a beautiful lawn or sports field and you’re looking to use turf, you’ll need to factor in higher costs than you may have earmarked in previous years.

Alternatives to turf

If you’re looking for ways to maintain a green landscape without breaking the bank, there are some alternatives to traditional turf.

Artificial grass

Artificial grass has become increasingly popular in recent years and provides a cost-effective option that can look just as good as real turf. Additionally, investing in hardscaping can be a great way to add colour and texture to your landscape without the need for turf.

There are some disadvantages to using artificial grass. Firstly, and most obviously, is the environmental factor. Artificial grass is not biodegradable and requires significant energy to produce.

Secondly, artificial grass heats up in the sun and, during very hot days, can become uncomfortably warm on bare feet.

Artificial grass obstructs the access of burrowing insects, like solitary bees, to the soil below, while also denying the ground-dwelling creatures, such as worms, access to food. Essentially, it serves no purpose in providing sustenance to any living creatures.

Finally, you may need to occasionally replace sections of your artificial grass over time due to damage or wear and tear.


Hydroseeding has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional turf for a number of reasons.

Hydroseeding is a grass and wildflower seeding method that involves mixing a slurry of seed, mulch, fertiliser and water in a specialised tank and then spraying it onto soil using high pressure.

Not only is it up to 75% cheaper per square metre than laying sod or planting grass seed, but it also has a number of other benefits.

It requires less watering than turf, does not introduce destructive pests to your land, and can be applied to hard-to-reach areas and slopes. Secondly, unlike artificial grass, it’s good for the environment and provides a natural, low-maintenance solution.

Recommendations for landscapers

Overall, while the cost of turf may be rising, there are still plenty of options available for those wishing to maintain beautiful landscapes without breaking the bank. From artificial grass to hydroseeding, there are a number of alternatives that can provide an attractive and affordable option.

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